Why is the development of energy projects vital to the growth of the mining sector in Guinea?

Power is a crucial production factor in most industrial activity; the more it is available the more efficient and affordable activities become, as it fuels both the operations but most importantly the activities and livelyhood around the operations; its abondance reinforces the social permit and allows for the birth and development of other activities diversifying the local economy away from just the mining activity. the key point is to mutualise power production, go from the present model of each mine producing its own power to a model where power producers use the existence of mines as leverage to fuel the expansion of the national grid;

Please tell us a bit about IBS Group’s work around local content development

IBS Group’s whole model revolves around implementing true local content; consisting of making internationally renowned technology and standards available to local mining and infrastructures operation via a local implementation and support platform. We have made local blue chip groups like Siemens; Motorola; and Tenova Takraf allowing them to reduce their overall project risk and cost; making them more competitive and contributing toward a true transfer of know how, processes and technology to our modest local company.

Are there any specific strategies you will be highlighting at this edition of the Symposium Mines Guinee?

IBS whole philosophy lies in supporting our clients in their diverse operations; we have always had for main strategy to find the best technologies to bring our clients and create value for them locally, we will keep pushing this winning strategy and hope to soon be able to make our value proposition outside of guinean borders.

Name Mr. Aguibou Ly