Countries with the largest bauxite reserves 2023 Published by Madhumitha Jaganmohan , May 21, 2024

Guinea has by far the world’s largest reserves of bauxite, having amounted to some 7.4 billion metric dry tons as of 2023. In second place at that time was Vietnam, with bauxite reserves amounting to 5.8 billion metric dry tons. Globally, bauxite reserves amounted to a total 30 billion dry metric tons in 2023.

What is bauxite?

Bauxite is a sedimentary rock with a high content of aluminum. Generally, four metric tons of dried bauxite is required to produce two metric tons of alumina, which, in turn, provides one metric ton of primary aluminum metal. Bauxite can be used, for example, in cement, chemicals, face makeup, soda cans, dishwashers, siding for houses, and other aluminum products. Global bauxite production amounted to an estimated total of 400 million metric tons in 2023.

Global production and trade of bauxite

In 2023, Australia produced the largest amount of bauxite worldwide. That year, the country produced an estimated 98 million metric tons of bauxite. Closely following Australia’s production volume was Guinea, at 97 million metric tons. In 2021, the total global import volume of bauxite was about 132 million metric tons, and the total exports of bauxite amounted to about 150 million metric tons that year.


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