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Safe, Sound and Secure – The return to live events

Our best practice guide to keeping our clients safe during the COVID-19 pandemic


After so many months of being without live events, we are hoping that we can meet face to face again. Live events are so important to the economies of all countries and are lifeblood of the travel and hospitality sectors.

Our priority is that our events are safe, sound, and secure, the health and safety of our clients is our priority. Obviously, we are living in a situation which is rapidly changing and therefore our measures will be in line with the recommendations made by the World Health Organisation, as well as the host government of where the event is being organised.

Travel sure…


We recommend that you check thoroughly before you travel, the updated information concerning the country you are visiting and any restrictions that the host country may have put on travellers from your home country. You should also check any quarantine you may have to incur on return from the event destination.

Welcoming you back…the registration process


We will use mobile and digital technologies to supply our clients with digital credentials. This will reduce queuing and social contact during the registration process. Digital credentials will also help for a better follow up for contact tracing if required. Wherever possible we will dispense with the use of badges and lanyards.

Spaced out admission times


We will stagger admission times for different categories of participants, such as organisers, sponsors, delegates, exhibitors, visitors, and press. This means we will avoid crowd density and assure that we maintain our recommended social distance of 2 metres.

An improved matchmaking application


Our matchmaking application will allow you to program your meetings in advance and will have the result that less people will be gathering around requesting meetings, as meetings will exclusively be planned on the application.

Go with the flow!


We will create a one-way flow around the exhibition and venue to limit physical contact and maintain social distancing guidelines. Venue floors will be clearly demarcated, and staff will be there to guide people who stray off the beaten track!

Protecting our personnel


Our staff and associated contractors will all be supplied with protective visors and the necessary PPE. We will make sure that the venue is thoroughly sanitised on a regular basis in partnership with the venue management.

Getting up close to the debate but not each other!


We will space out seating in workshop and conference rooms, leaving a gap between participants. Conference sessions and other important events will be streamed live and available on the event app for all registered participants. You can have a coffee in your hotel room and enjoy the day’s proceedings simultaneously!

Bon Appetit!


Food will be served pre-packaged and the days of queuing for the buffet are gone for now! If possible, we would prefer that clients order their choice of food in advance. Seating areas will be arranged following the social distance guidelines. This applies to all social functions and coffee breaks.

Sanitise! Safe and Sound


We are all used to the mantra of washing your hands. We will position hand sanitiser stations at key locations through the venue including restrooms, conference rooms, and food and beverage locations. Announcements and signs will constantly remind you to wash your hands!

Behind the mask!


We are sure by now you all have a wonderful collection of different fashionable face masks. We will highly recommend that face masks are worn in all public areas. The only exception is obviously if you have medical reasons why you cannot wear a face mask or if you are eating or drinking!

First Aid


We will increase the amount of first aid stations at the venue and qualified doctors and nurses will be on site throughout the event. In case of emergency, detailed information will be provided of the nearest COVID testing centre and necessary arrangements will be made to receive our participants.

Our COVID-19 protocols


A copy of this page will be available on the event application, as well as up to date COVID-19 protocols of where the event is being held. Any changes to these protocols during the time of the event will be communicated through the app and with onsite announcements.

We look forward to welcoming you back and are excited by the return of live events!