Claude ROBILLARD, Géophys. Geophysics GPR International Inc.

Chief Geophysicist, Geophysics

Claude Robillard has over 40 years of experience in data acquisition, processing and
interpretation of geophysical data from different methods. He is currently a consultant
geophysicist acting also as Chief Geophysicist at SGGI Geophysics Colombia,
Geophysics GPR International Inc – Canada and Tojo-Vikas International Pvt Ltd –
India. His experience includes the use of complementary methods for mining
exploration, oil and gaz exploration in canadian frontier areas as well as for laterites
mineral deposits worlwide.
His expertise covers a large domain of geophysical techniques; magnetics, Induced
Poloarization and Resistivity, Electromagnetics, Gravity, Ground Penetrating Radar and
seismic (refraction, reflection and cross hole tomography). Claude works overseas on a
regular basis as well as across Canada. More specifically in Africa, Claude has worked
in Guinea (Conakry), Mali, Sierra Leone, Cameroun, Tunisia, Kenya, Zambia, Zimbabwe
and Madagascar.