Mme Veronica N. JONES, Conseillère en infrastructures durables, IFC

Veronica Nyhan Jones is Manager of Sustainable Infrastructure Advisory at the International Finance Corporation (IFC). IFC—a member of the World Bank Group—is the largest global development institution focused on the private sector in emerging markets. Ms. Nyhan Jones leads advisory services for global infrastructure projects and at the sector level focused on transport, energy, water & sanitation, mining, and cities. These services mitigate project risks by ensuring that local communities receive adequate benefits. She also spearheads IFC’s flagship Sustainability Exchange, an innovative learning event featuring cutting-edge industry practices from around the globe.


Ms. Nyhan Jones’ team supports companies to go beyond mitigating negative impacts to creating positive, lasting benefits for communities, especially for women and youth. Her work with IFC clients comprises strategic community investment, local economic development, government capacity building, civil society engagement, data utilization for better transparency, and financial value returns on sustainability.


Prior to IFC, Veronica worked at the World Bank, the International Youth Foundation, the White House, and the US Department for Health & Human Services. She holds a Master’s from Harvard Kennedy School of Government. She is on the Development Partners Institute Advisory Committee and previously served on the World Economic Forum’s Future Global Council on Long-term Financing & Infrastructure & Development. Ms. Nyhan Jones was listed among 2015’s Global Inspirational Women in Mining.