PhD in geography of development and professional engineer in agroeconomics, Pascal has 20 years of experience in Africa, Asia and South America, acquired in the framework of research and development programmes with the CNRS, international donors and private companies, including 12 years in the Republic of Guinea. He has developed an approach based on the understanding of local power relations in order to understand the modalities of land management. He combines a solid knowledge of the field with a permanent watch on issues that are at the forefront of reflection on development problems and local strategies, particularly in the mining sector. He is an associate researcher at IFSRA and regularly publishes in books and scientific journals, notably on issues related to land tenure, natural resource management, involuntary resettlement, concepts of justice and CSR in the mining sector. He regularly lectures at the Ecole des Mines de Paris and Nancy, Agroparistech, Sorbonne University (Paris I), and the University of Djibouti on mining, urban planning, local strategies, research methodology and CSR. He is also the CEO of the Insuco Group, a social consultancy firm that works in fifty countries, particularly in the extractive sector, and has a permanent office in Guinea for more than 10 years.