MARCUS MILLER, Directeur General, CleanPower Generation

General Director, CleanPower Generation

Educated in Germany and the United States, Swiss born Mister Miller has been working in the microchip and computer industry of the Silicon Valley in the 80’s. Upon his return to Germany in the 90’s, he started working for SIEMENS. Altogether he has had a 25-year management history in the microchip and digital data and communication industry. His interest with renewable technology began with researching the IPCC publications and the peak-oil theory. This led to the incorporation of CleanPower Generation GmbH in 2007, a solar solution engineering and renewable energy project development company. One of the early products has been the CleanPower.PortTM, a free carrying solar carport with integrated charging station for clean electric mobility in 2009. His long standing and personal ties to Africa has led to solar project development in The Gambia, that ultimately lead to an off-grid microgrid project in Guinea. CleanPower Generation has established partnerships with the leading OEM industry, development finance institutions and political stakeholders. Mister Miller promotes an African narrative that acknowledges its vast natural and renewable resources, which are the very basis for a green-industry, -economy and -mobility.